Yes, there are some words and phrases that will help you accomplish your goals better than others. We teach you, sentence by sentence, what those words are and how to use them well, and sound natural while doing it.

Slide Design and Presentation Academy

We take confusing, cluttered slides and make them clear, easy to understand, and visually attractive. Then we show you how to go from being an unfocused, nervous speaker to being confident, persuasive, and impressive.


Your industry evolves. Shouldn't your message? For repeat customers who are working on advanced skills and want to evolve with the demands of their business.

Sample projects

Economic forum

One of our clients was speaking at an economic forum in Europe. It was his first time addressing this particular audience, so he was a little nervous. We wrote a speech combining his subject matter expertise and our communications background. We worked with him on delivery techniques, practicing until he said, “Okay, that’s enough, I’m ready.” After the forum he said it went so much smoother than he imagined. We love hearing that, because our mission in life is to make our clients’ lives easier.

Six-word story

One of our clients is a senior manager at an international bank, so he presents to global management quite often. To be able to be able to give his message using a few well-chosen words, instead of dozens of data-heavy charts and graphs, would be revolutionary.

We took one of his 30-minute presentations, and focused it, and focused it some more, but we couldn’t get it down below 15 minutes. Something wasn’t right, we weren’t getting at the core of the message.

So we said, “Let’s see if we can tell it in 6 words.” We did, and it ended up being one of the best presentations of his life (his words, not ours).

Now he uses this technique often around the world. Imagine that, a complex financial services company, teaching itself to distill hundreds of complex charts and graphs into messages that can fit on the back of a napkin.

Board member

One of our Ongoing Development clients is a Board Member of an international industry association. She is scheduled to become the Board President in a few years, and so she makes regular presentations to hundreds of association members.

We work with her to focus her message, to choose the words and phrases that will have the desired impact on the audience, and to improve her presentation skills (eye contact, body language, etc). We also work with her to develop the diplomatic communication skills she uses to lead her association’s varied constituencies.

She joined the Ongoing Development program because she had taken a couple of our training programs before, and wanted “on call” training and design services that would address her needs on a more regular, less “a la carte” basis.

Industry conference

Recently one of our clients was preparing to open an industry conference in South Africa. The audience would be small, about 100 people, and would include mostly people our client had known and worked with for years. However, she was nervous about standing in front of them and speaking publicly. We worked with her to find the perfect combination of words and phrases that would put her and her audience at ease. After the speech, the industry president came up to her and said, “That was great, can you do it again next year too?"

Spanish television

A couple months ago, one of our clients was preparing for a television interview in Spain. He is a leader of his industry and regularly does TV interviews in Turkey, but he was nervous about doing it in another country. His company’s media relations department wrote a script for him, but the script sounded like what a company would say in a press release; it wasn’t the natural speech a person would use in an interview. We rewrote the script, he was very happy with the rewrite, and we practiced the interview together before he left for Spain. As he got onto the plane for Spain, he texted us and said, “I feel ready now, I never thought I’d be able to do this."


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